1. 1NDUN

    Doing his Crackface routine.

  2. Did he just crawl out of the 9/11 ruble?

  3. Diablo Dude

    Bad Boyee!

  4. Cock Dr

    Reminds me of the old joke: beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right down to the bone.

  5. Q: What TIME is it. A: Hard TIME

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Is this a pic from the no makeup ep of The View?

  7. We need an edit button on here. Make it happen.

  8. EricLr

    I guess someone called 911 in his town.

  9. Now he’s going to have to get used to the Flava of tossed salad.

  10. Bigalkie

    Not pictured.. His ” I’m Rick James Bitch ” T shirt logo.

  11. Schmidtler

    the flavor of dumb.

  12. Animal

    He assaulted himself, obviously.

  13. Mike701

    Whose fahted?

  14. The man who sodomizes him should yell “Yeah, boyeee!” at the first penetration.

  15. cc

    Did her hit her with a giant clock?

  16. Hideous is the flava I’m talkin bout.

  17. Allison Wunderlan

    Holy fuckin’ cow. I’m so fuckin’ fucked up I can’t even look the fuckin’ camra… oh fuck. Where’s muh fuckin’ clock. Where’s muh fuckin’ Brigetee…. How the fuck did I git here… Ah fuck it.. Just fuck it…. And for all those kids out there who… what the fuck did I do?….. Ah just fuck it….

  18. After being arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence in Las Vegas, Flava Flav was additionally cited for felony ugliness and making a rude noise.

  19. That expression totally says, “Aw, man… not again!” to me.

  20. evilstamos

    “Time of arrest is… hey, does anybody have the time?”

  21. He’s going to be the only guy on the yard with a huge clock.

  22. Funbarr Sanders

    Flava Flav is Not Impressed

  23. YEs

    Less greasy than I remember. Flav is aging well, boyeeee!

  24. DIANA29


  25. tlmck

    Who dug up Buckwheat?

  26. Why did Flava Flav get arrested for assault with a deadly weapon?

    He clocked a bitch.

  27. Anderson Pooper

    It was you that chose your due, You built a maze you can’t get through. I tried to help you all I can, Now I can’t do nuttin’ for you man.

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