1. 1NDUN

    Sy Sperling looks like crap.

  2. Wow, airports and airplanes do a real number on that spray on hair

  3. rick

    “Correction, I was bald.”

  4. He looks oddly too tall here, was the photographer on his knees?

  5. EricLr


  6. ksmack

    What the fuck is on his head? Being bald is his look, his thing. You take that away, you got nothin’.

    • He periodically wears a hair-hat. I doubt that he’s trying to fool anyone, since it’s only occasional. Maybe he likes to look different sometimes, sort of like women who change purses. Fucking twink!

  7. Oh Jason; between the dark shades and hairpiece, you ALMOST had me fooled!

  8. If his scalp was a car it would be pulled over by cops for weaving.

  9. lpdub

    Chinese hair cream does work!

  10. CrashHell

    Looks like he needs a little more sod on the fairway.

  11. A very talented, funny and underrated actor.

  12. nastio

    Phase II of the Piven Plan caught in the wild.

  13. socks

    His head was in the pool!!!

  14. That Seinfeld money keeps rolling in and this is the best he can do? From one balding man to another, Jason, you looked better with that rug on the show.

  15. Roseanne Barr

    Shave that crap off!!

  16. Anderson Pooper

    Apparently the Summer of George has evolved into a Thursday night men’s bowling league.

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