1. I’ve seen enough Ray Donovan to know this is the look no one ever wants to see…

  2. Dude looks like a real life werewolf.

  3. EricLR

    Freddy Krueger: The Early Years.

  4. “Don’t make me put the leash back on.”

  5. crb

    Somehow I think an angel just got its wings.

    And by that I mean, a paparazzo was just garrotted with a red chihuahua leash and now the joyful children of Washington Square Park now practice soccer with his severed head.

  6. This guy has a dynamite voice.

  7. malaka

    looks like the guy with the camera is about to get knocked the fuck out by a flying blond 6 year old

  8. He’s still the best Sabertooth I’ve ever seen.

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