1. hollyhood

    klein is getting a contact high from heroin metabolites exhaled from the slagbeast next to him, and all it cost him was giving his soul to that ‘orrible cunt.

  2. You never quite expect Elton to bring two disease incubators to the gala…
    What a showman!

  3. AIDS benefits really hit home when they put a face or two of what living with full blown AIDS looks like.

  4. Minky Wail

    I saw this picture before, when it was called “American Gothic”.

  5. Beer Baron


  6. Safe to say that they both have AIDS?

  7. EricLR

    Is she there to be the “after” picture?

  8. “I wish he was in an era defining seminal rock band so I could murder he could commit suicide and be remembered fondly forever.”

  9. This is the look I want on my face just before you shotgun blast it across the kitchen

  10. ThisWillHurt

    Clearly taken a page from the Liam Hemsworth “Don’t Even Bother To Act Like You’re Happy To Have Your Picture Taken With This Crazy Bitch” Book.

  11. Anyone care to wager who’ll collapse to the floor first? It looks like a tough call from here.

  12. Dammit, someone made the Pinocchio wish on Floyd and Janice from the Electric Mayhem.

  13. blerg

    I can’t believe Courtney Love would show up with the corpse of Freddie Mercury.

  14. I can’t wait until those Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame votes are tabulated. Imagine the cries of Glee that will emanate from that room when they realize that COURTNEY LOVE will be there to pick up her late husbands prize.
    Her speech will be EPIC!!!!!

  15. Caroline

    Defend New Orleans. Awesome T-Shirt.

  16. cc

    I like the Addams family better.

  17. crb

    I thought for a second there, the dude was Scott Weiland and this was a “Faces of Heroin” episode.

  18. What’s Courtney going to do with the money?

  19. These are ‘snorted the heroin exactly 25 minutes ago’ faces

  20. I can’t even put into words what a pleasure it is to see Courtney Love in such good shape, so alive, so aware, so…semi-conscious.

  21. malaka

    looks like they got just the right amount of drugs into her.

  22. Argybargy

    His face is a fuckin Modigliani.

  23. martina

    they let dead people attend AIDS Foundation Benefit events?

  24. Dr. Jones

    his shirt says, ‘fist me, now.’ But his eyes say…

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