1. The dog’s look is priceless: Quit it, retard…

  2. Holy shit! Cat Greenleaf is my cat’s name!

  3. You know the fart is bad when the dog looks at you.

  4. yourmom

    Seen here describing filming love scenes on Sex and the City….

  5. EricLR

    New meme: “Doggie wants to die”

  6. The Pope

    No Chris, it’s called “Talk Stoop” because we’re sitting on a stoop. Ya get it?

  7. MIRV

    And her whole job, at which she’s quite good, is dealing with douchey C- and D-list celebs.

  8. HornyBjorny

    Holy Hell! What happened to my career?!?

  9. that bitch looks so frigid that the knowledge she walks among us nullifies my global warming fears

  10. Cat Greenleaf, Chris Noth and in the middle Sarah Jessica Parker

  11. In every picture there’s a bulldog in the background sayin’ it with his jowls.

    “Please…just stop.”

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