1. When did Lisa Marie Presley turn 100?

  2. Paully Boston Baby!

    When did Lisa Marie get AIDS?

  3. yourmom

    We were born on the same day. I take this as evidence I’m doing quite well. Even if I wasn’t invited to Elton John’s fucking party.

  4. EricLR

    You ain’t nothing but a hound dog…

  5. Ronaldo

    She might be looking old, but at least she has not followed the footsteps of her mother. That is a horror show with all that plastic surgery.

  6. So…that’s what happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s wart. Always wondered about that.

  7. What in the holy fuck happened to her???

  8. K-tron

    That is the face of a woman who’s seen Xenu.

  9. “AIDS? I’ve got AIDS of the soul. I’m human HIV. Do you understand me? The only cure is a jar of Xanax and a razor…I’m wearing Chanel.”

  10. she is only 45! 45! and here’s some fun facts:
    she has a son and daughter from her marriage prior to Michael Jackson.
    After her and Michael split, she married… guessed it, Nicholas Cage.

    Presumably she left because he could not, in fact, steal the Declaration of Indpenence. Or grow hair on his head. Take your pick.

    • Lisa, being Elvis’ only child, has been considered a prize by many hardcore Elvis fans. That’s why Nic Cage married her. He’s an Elvis fanatic. She’s had a pretty weird life.

  11. That hairstyle doesn’t suit her. She should consider wearing her hair down… over her face.

  12. crb

    Wow, Florence Henderson sure does sultry it up when she goes brunette. Rrrowr!

  13. Phoenix

    “Thankya verra much.”

  14. “Mirror, mirror on the wall ….”

  15. malaka

    she should get some of whatever courtney love brought with her

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