1. I guess the LeAnn Rimes diet is catching on.

  2. “No, Jane, honey, there aren’t any ‘try-outs’. You can just go ahead and ‘play’ for whichever team you want.”

  3. Ten bucks says she tried to bite her finger off

  4. EricLR

    Oops, got a little Lohan bush in my teeth,

  5. “…as far as it goes before I puke on the table.”

  6. HornyBjorny

    The dental dam goes in like this!

  7. Thats the wrong way to fist yourself but who am I to stop someone from learning.

  8. Vlad

    Tuna Fingers

  9. cc

    She’s whistling for her partner.

  10. Wiping the fur off her tongue.

  11. mileycyrusis a slut

    Hmmm, first Bieber, then Simmons, now Lynch with fingers in the mouth….must be a gay recognition signal of some kind.

  12. Phoenix

    “See? That’s why I switched teams. My gag reflex is terrible.”

  13. it’s a little known fact that many years ago, while still exploring her sexuality, Jane Lynch gave one young fellow a blowjob. She killed the poor bastard afterwards and has been trying to get the taste out of her mouth ever since.

  14. malaka

    Cuando limpiado mi cuarto
    No encuentro nada
    Adonde va con tanta prisa?
    Al partido de futbol

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