1. Wow, she got Rodney King’ed with the ugly stick…

  2. I spy something NOT so tiny, Tameka.

  3. Stop that woman! she’s shoplifting ham! like 7 of them.

  4. That’s just unnaturally stupid looking.

  5. anonymous

    Someone went to the same butt implant doctor as Kim K. The asswork done is almost identical.

  6. That redheaded child has a full diaper.

  7. If people knew that was the payoff for becoming a world famous rapper there would be a lot more black accountants.

  8. K-tron

    I didn’t know Lego made butt implants.

  9. Little Tongue

    A cow’s ass on chicken legs, with duck lips? This guy has to have some serious bestiality fetishes / issues…

  10. Why does she empty out her plastic panties once a month?

  11. I like T.I. and I like his wife’s ass.

  12. cc

    Geez I felt a pang of guilt for mocking Kim K’s ass.

  13. What the fuck are a T.I. and a Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris? Are these supposed to be celebrities of some sort? Just who in the fuck ARE these people?

    • malaka

      T.I. is a real nigga according to fictional character riley freeman.
      and the butt cheeks walking next to him is evidently where he sticks his penis.

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