1. Cock Dr

    He was used for seed.
    He’s never getting a ring on it. Never. And that’s ok….don’t feel bad for either one of ‘em.
    You don’t need a ring to be happy when you’ve got 8 bazillion dollars and full access to the natural DD breasts that are attached to those dollars. Live the life Eric.

  2. Isn’t that Britney’s ex?

  3. EricLR

    Finally, his experience helping guide ships through the Panama Canal paid off for Eric.

  4. Somebody buys her bras at DEB.

  5. “Yeah, I know she’s pretty dumb, but check out those tits, man.”

  6. mileycyrusis a slut

    Somewhere there is a window missing its curtains.

  7. “First I wanna see the Eiffel Tower and then get something exotic Italian food. I know… chimichangas!”
    “She’s got nice tits. She’s got nice tits.She’s got nice tits.She’s got nice tits.”

  8. Violet Brown

    Ehh, four years down…

  9. Dr. Doctor

    At least he didn’t have to carry the skin bag made out of her last assistant.

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