1. Someone’s been hanging out in Britain too long

    • EricLR

      Just when I think it’s impossible for her to get more hideous, she always finds a way. She’s not a quitter!

  2. EricLR

    Sorry, sweetie, you’re supposed to be at the “Fortune To Be Born to Powerful Parents” conference next door.

  3. At what point do you just say, “Comb my hair? Why? It’s just going to get messy again”.

  4. Smoker’s teeth? Say it ain’t so.

  5. JC

    I remember that brief moment, after she got the braces off, that you couldn’t tell which way she was going to go: the hot way, or the Hilary way. Sadly, we now know.

  6. There was more Bill Clinton DNA on Lewinsky’s dress than in this poor girl’s chromosomes. Does charisma reverse itself from one generation to the next?

  7. Little Tongue

    …and yet, somebody still put a ring on it! Don’t quit dreaming, people! Our dreams really can become reality!

  8. MarketingMike

    Nothing says sexy like yellow teeth and dirty hair.

  9. I totally would. What’s up with the yellow teeth though?

  10. I thought the Worlds Ugliest Dog contest was next year?

  11. “Powerful Women”, eh? Smell isn’t everything, Chelsea.

  12. cc

    I wonder how often she gets rocked at night.

  13. That Arkansas Ugly Tree must be as tall as a redwood.

  14. “I’m political and stuff cuz my parents fucked.”

  15. Well she certainly is not attractive. I mean the only reason to do her is to say you banged a former President’s and a potential future President’s daughter and even then…

  16. tlmck

    Hillary 2.0

  17. “Why does everyone keep asking me how am I recovering from my horrific accident?”

  18. Isn’t she the original Carrie?

  19. What the hell, she’s not THAT bad…besides, she’s probably a good dancer or something.

  20. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Like my mom, she left Americans to die in Libya, and like my dad, he got TONS of sex and bj’s from a fat jewish girl…, yah, I am powerful……

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