1. Anna has the “Commoner, if you touch me, I will have you skinned” look…
    Then again I am not sure she’s capable of any other look.

  2. Olivia trying her best to give us all a peek of her Golden Heart.

  3. The dislike was irrational, of course. Anna thought perhaps it was because the young girl reminded her of how much she missed the sunlight.

  4. I liked Olivia better when she was Asian…and when there was shrimp.

  5. Olivia seen wearing something from the Power Girl evening wear line.

  6. Inner Retard

    Olivia is wearing her usual dress from the Easy-Access collection.

  7. Visible Ink

    - You look lovely. Who are you wearing?
    - Vera Wang. And you?
    - Too early to tell. I talked with many producers but the night’s still young.

  8. “Sorry honey, I am not interested in having shrimp and cocktail sauce with you”

    She looks like she is about to have Olivia knee-capped with a baseball bat.

  9. EricLR

    Sorry my dear, but God’s Love doesn’t extend to Asian hookers.

  10. “I’m sorry dear, but could you step back about 3 steps? You’re tan is giving me sunburn.”

  11. anonymous

    Anna: “I am sorry to say that your tittie window is making me uncomfortable.”

  12. Five seconds later, Olivia aged 50 years and Anna was a spy 20 something year old again.

  13. The body language says it all.

  14. Vlad

    I separated my shoulder on a swing inside a house.

    Well, I broke my hip with your Dad inside ME!

  15. cc

    The new breed ‘the famous nobody’.

  16. I hate Wintour’s hair SO MUCH!.

  17. “When I saw your haircut, I thought you were a little boy.”
    “When I saw the front of your dress, I thought the same thing.”

  18. “Anna, you just keep right on praying, and maybe one day you will look half as hot as me.”

  19. Dox

    “Olivia.. I had a couch in the seventies that looked just like your dress….. Except it actually had purpose.”

  20. I would so have mutually-fulfilling sexual intercourse with Olivia Munn. I’d be all like, “Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh,” and she’d be all, “Aaaaaaaaahhhffffffffffffffff.” Man that would rock, I can totally picture it now.

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