1. hollyhood

    after middleton snagged one, everyone is trying to catch themselves a royal. even if it’s a ginger.

  2. 10 minutes later that girl was executed in Trafalgar Square.

  3. Hey, what happens in Twickenham, STAYS in Twickenham.

  4. Women playing rugby, I am assuming that if they are anything like our women softball players, Harry is not exactly their type.

  5. EricLR

    Got to be quick on his feet. If one of those girls kisses him, he turns into a frog.

  6. If she’s reaching for a ball, she’s a little high.

  7. No touching the Royal Personage!!!

  8. Meh, good for him. How many celebrities wouldn’t be bothered to do this kind of thing?

  9. cc

    Flag rugby? I thought the English were made of sterner stuff. God help them if they play the Irish.

  10. “OK, ladies, let’s all recite our motto…all together…‘What happens in Harry’s pants, stays in Harry’s pants’!”

  11. malaka

    anyone else notice the anonymous hand on the left trying to finger blast that skinny jail bait chick?

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