1. YAAR

    “Look at dis, Salma Hayak’s playing with my hose….HARF HARF HARF”

  2. Fireman in blue shirt: “You keep her distracted with all the hose jokes, I’ll sneak my iPhone down just a LITTLE bit lower and get some upskirt shots!”

  3. Cock Dr

    That’s a much bigger hose than what her old French bazillionaire husband gives her every night.

  4. Left Fireman: Looking at hose
    Right Fireman: Grabbing the hose
    Middle Fireman: Grabbing the ho’s ass

  5. Bionic_Crouton

    “Hey Salma! Put the hose down and slide down my pole! OH!”

  6. Ismoss

    In his best Rodney Dangerfield impression
    “Take my hose…..please”

  7. What a good sport she is.

  8. Naturally I called the fire department Ms. Hayak. I mean, you’re smokin’. – Me, moments before “closing the deal”.

  9. “Which one is Letterman. Where’s Letterman? Damnit, I want to see Letterman…”

  10. That’s right, baby. Play with that hose.

  11. tito

    The last time she held a hose that big the guys standing around her weren’t wearing rubber.

  12. I would kill for those shoes.

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