1. Guy in KASOTC sweatshirt: “Hey! You’re getting sperm all over my neck.”

  2. I can’t blame these guys too much. I’d buy a lapdance from her, too.

  3. EricLr

    Someone in this picture will wake up tomorrow with a rash on his neck. Someone else will wake up with a rash on his penis. Try to guess who (you may be surprised)!

  4. j/k

    I knew it was Gaga because no one was looking at her tits.

  5. Vlad

    Is that Jesse Spencer on the right? The dude from House?

    • PerthGirl

      Sure is. Jesse is in the new show – Chicago Fire with Taylor Kinney (the other dude in the photo) who has the dubious honour of being Gaga’s “special friend”

  6. Mwaddams

    It’s not gay if it’s a three way.

  7. CanadiaDan

    KASOTC = Kissing and sucking on the cock

  8. Loved Jesse Spencer on “House”

  9. Jesse Spencer on House was the shit, and taylor kinney is hot AF. Somebody photoshop gaga out of this picture and put me in? I have better boobs I swear

  10. It ain’t gay in a three way…wait, is that Jared Leto??

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