1. “Bitch, we had a plan with these hoodies.”
    “Yes, but um, mine accidentally caught on fire.”

  2. I bet these two kids are fun to chat with.

  3. YAAR

    You can smell the bad parenting through the screen.

  4. That one, officer! The one on the left! He’s definitely the one!

  5. meeps!

    That party must have been a hoot.

  6. Just wait right there kids. The lockers you’ll be shoved into will be along shortly.

  7. Aaaaand let the ’90s retro-chic phase begin.

  8. EricLr

    I think she just realized that this isn’t the one from Home Alone.

  9. Trying Way. Too. Hard.

  10. B&WMinstrel

    Baby Boomers, meet the people who are going to pay for your pension. Hah!

  11. Most emo prison photo ever.

  12. Troll's Nighmare

    Proof that UFOs do crossbreed with humans.

  13. Jman

    There wasn’t enough time to spark up before and they’re not allowed to drink inside. You’d look this way too.

  14. Allison Wunderlan

    Throw in a pitchfork and you’ve got American Gothic.

  15. ahyeahboy

    shouldn’t these two be at the screening of Seven Psychopaths?

  16. Sheppy

    And by ‘Nightlife’, they literally mean nocturnal forest dwelling animals.

  17. damn, I don’t remember…what kills the children of the corn?

  18. The Pope

    Note to self: Make a hoodie with a picture of Kelly Brook on it.

  19. Club so hard muthafuckers wanna stake me…

  20. Ismoss

    “This is my happy face”

  21. Cock Dr

    It’s so New York City youth hipster that it hurts.

  22. Well done, all. Friggin’ hilarious!

  23. This picture would have been better if she had worn a shirt with a picture of his face on it.

  24. I suspect that idiot thinks he’s Shaun White…“Dude, get a fucking haircut. You look like an ugly chick.”

  25. The girl’s not bad. Would bone. Don’t get me started on the dude.

  26. hijkmno

    this isn’t going to end well.

  27. In my imagination, this is what courtney stodden would’ve looked like had she not met doug.

  28. contusion

    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

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