1. Odbarc

    Six if that’s the girls nickname.

  2. Jon Pork

    “So how much silicone are we putting in these ones mommy?”

  3. ThisWillHurt

    At the plastic surgeon’s office:
    “I want my fun bags to be so big they have their own gravitational pull.”
    “Of course. And what about your face?”
    “What about it?”

  4. When faced with a threat, the Bulb-nosed Titmonkey blends in to the pumpkin patch, evading detection.

  5. Christ on a cracker, that just looks so fucking stupid.

  6. What the FUCK????

  7. BP

    Those 4 big fat Pumpkins look good enough to eat!

  8. Somewhere, Bret Michaels is walking around looking for his hat.

  9. That Poor child

  10. catapostrophe

    Jag O’ Lanterns.

  11. The Great Pumpkin is sure to come now..and probably again in another 20 minutes.

  12. MeanMrsMustard

    Brett Michaels career has taken a disturbing new turn.

  13. Sadly, this is for an Anne Geddes calendar, and those things in her blouse are hydrocephalic infants.

  14. EricLR

    Yeah, well maybe you *can* spell better…but did Brett Michaels ever give you a hat, you little bitch?

  15. I’m thinking her name should actually be Lacy Wilddd.

  16. “Oh, no. These punkins’ have already been carved, my dear.”

  17. “Why do those pumpkins have blue veins?”

  18. “Hey lady, do you know where I can find an obvious example of overcompensation for low self-esteem, a low IQ and a stripper at a flea market’s fashion sense? And a bigger pumpkin?”

  19. She looks like tons of fun.

  20. Now I understand why Linus spent all night in the pumpkin patch.

  21. dude

    We get it. You were touched by a family friend.

  22. RocketInMyPocket

    NOPE. Just nope.

  23. honEsty


  24. safety dancer

    Nobody wants to see that shit in the pumpkin patch with kids around or anywhere else ever for that matter. Who raised her? Joan Crawford and the Night Stalker?

  25. Inner Retard

    The pumpinks are kind of redundant.

  26. Visible Ink

    You like my pumpkins? When you’re all grown up you can buy a pair just like mine. All you need is a sugar daddy and a good plastic surgeon. Oh, you meant…

  27. Bruce Willis and Moby, getting ready to share the Best Costume trophy.

  28. “HEY!!! Someone stop that woman. She trying to steal my pumpk-…oops! Sorry lady.”

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