1. “Here, take this GHB, er, Tylenol tablet at 7:45 and I’ll be there at 8:00″

  2. “Please, PLEASE give that back! My mom will kill me if she finds out I let you put your number in there!”
    “It’s cool, she doesn’t have to know, baby”
    “OK… but can I tell my friends?!”
    “Ohmygawd!! Wait ’till they find out I got Drake’s number!!”

  3. kushiro

    “Your sister, huh? Pretty hot. And she’s 15, you say? With low self-esteem? Yes, give me her number, please!”

  4. “I’ll just save my number under Fez so you know who it is”
    “Who’s Fez”
    “From that 70′s show?”
    “I’m too young for that show.”

  5. donkeylicks

    “It’s a proven fact that the color most fourteen year old girls respond to is kiwi green, so you like my new phone?”

  6. EricLR

    “Are any of you girls over 18?”

    “I am!”

    “Okay, get out.”

  7. Why aren’t the Mexican Music Awards in Mexico? That would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

  8. So Fez’s home country was Mexico all along? That’s not very original.

  9. The Pope

    Are these the musicians, the fans or the caterers?

  10. “Your id clearly shows that you are under 18, so we are good to go, see you after the show”

  11. “Let’s see…I can bang you at 1:00…you at 2:00…you at 2:30…you at 3:00…”

  12. Dox

    “Phone? No, this is where I keep my morals.”

  13. “Oh no. This isn’t my cell phone. It a pocket calculator I shoplifted from the dollar store. I don’t make enough to own a cell phone.”

  14. safety dancer

    ” Yeah. 7:00 sharp. Home Depot parking lot. You never know. Somebody might be able to use you.”

  15. “So you want me to sign it to Fiteen Manuts Ovar? That’s your real name?”

  16. fred

    “I swear. I really did used to be on TV. Here, let me show you. . .”

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