1. Odbarc

    Some crack-head is sleeping in the limo!

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Uh, I hate to embarrass you, but I’m a rather brilliant surgeon. I can don something about that hump.”
    “What hump, dawg?”

  3. joe

    Who’s got a Hot Pocket for the main guy on #team baked?

  4. Try prune juice.

  5. Dox

    “I did WHAT with Paris Hilton?”

  6. To’ up from da flo’ up!

  7. “Nana! Nana, we’re here!! Time to get out and go to church, Nana!!”
    “Meh… I’m cold!”

  8. EricLR

    On the way out of the club, a homeless guy gave HIM money.

  9. Next stop: Chateau Marmont!

  10. Ironically, Snoop’s leaving the thug life and finding success in music is largely due to being shown this photo of his future self by a mysterious stranger in 1994.

  11. That burning sensation is common after working with Paris Hilton.

  12. ^@$#&%*(

    He’s even higher than “Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush, high”.

  13. RocketInMyPocket

    The only difference between Snoop Lion (I hate that I just said that) and a cracked-out homeless person is money.

  14. safety dancer

    Lamar looks every minute of seventy years old.

  15. Shit. I thought it was another pic of Bruce Jenner!

  16. Snoop Lion after leaving the Crate that he was locked in for 6 months in Los Angeles. (October 9, 2013)

    *There, I fixed it.

  17. “As soon as I get home I think I’ll get high...hahahahahaha…”

  18. martina

    so that’s what a night in Paris feels like

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