1. Holy shit! Barack be breakin’!!

  2. Finally! he listened to the Internet and decided to just go ahead and fuck himself.

  3. Dude, Weston Cage was so two years ago.

  4. Dox

    “Gimme a sec, I swear I can get it in my mouth.”

  5. BP

    Ewww, He’s a Self Sucker!

  6. His name sounds an awful lot like “Noob Saibot”.

  7. Cock Dr

    She has a definite type she goes for…young and limber and lightly brown.
    I hope he enjoys the ride. It won’t last.

  8. bagmotherfucker

    Auditions for the Exorcist remake by Tyler Perry.

  9. MeanMrsMustard

    Definite evidence of demonic possession which is the side effect of hanging out in the ‘Donna’s hooch.

  10. EricLR

    She really shouldn’t have let him watch Krush Groove last night.

  11. He’s either an amazingly limber dancer, or just slipped on something and is in the middle of a horrible injury.

  12. Tryouts are on for this season’s biggest reality TV debut: “So You Think You Can Fuck Madonna?”

  13. Icehawg

    Good for him. He’s almost got it. Soon he will be able to escape the witch-craftery traps that keep him bound to Madonna. Good for him.

  14. He started doing this when someone asked him “What the fuck is Kabbalah?”.

  15. safety dancer

    George Carlin had a good point.

  16. tlmck

    Seems like a very low budget event.

  17. She trained him to walk like this just for the fuck of it.

  18. The difficult part is holding that position while Madonna’s adjusting her strap-on.

  19. fred

    This is the answer to the question, “What is Madonna’s favorite sex position?”

  20. He discovered years ago that he’s able to perform autofellatio.

  21. martina

    … and then we did it this way … and then we …..

  22. Blob

    Fuckin’ wind changed, dinnit.

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