1. Poor little guy can even reach his shoelaces. Life is hard for a T-Rex.

  2. there are two bags of shit in this picture

  3. “Say hi to ya Corgi for me.”

  4. joe

    Hey! You! Need any cockpits stormed?

  5. EricLR

    Sensing an impending terrorist attack, the mayor has lit the Marky Mark signal. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, charming millionaire Mark Wahlberg is checking his twitter account when he looks up into the sky…

  6. Short white men can’t jump.

  7. “Sepia, Vivid, Twilight, Overexposed, 1994. Huh. I wonder what the 1994 setting looks like?”

  8. The Pope

    I’ve never seena person wear so many logo’s, outside of a Nascar commercial that I quickly turned off.

  9. “Mr. Wahlberg! Mr. Wahlberg! You can’t tie your horse there! Our customers won’t be able to access the firewood!”

  10. CK

    Logo much?

  11. Joe

    Don’t white guys grow out of wanting to be black?

  12. Who’s a real boy?

  13. Mylanddownunder

    He’s doing that trick with the shoes tied to the kneecaps right?

  14. safety dancer

    He has a rare case of Gigantdwarfism.

  15. Inner Retard

    - You there! You looked at me! I will cut your balls off, stuff them in your mother’s mouth and make her swallow them because I’m the biggest, baddest motherfucker you’ve ever seen!!!
    - Mr. Wahlberg, that’s a fire hydrant.
    - Really?! Hmm… Hey, you overe there shut up or I’ll…
    - Mr. Wahlberg, that’s the pavement…

  16. crb

    Still crazy, after all these years…

    And by “crazy”, I mean “insecure douchebag”

  17. Pff

    Great actor. Great real life douchebag.

  18. Grandmaster B´s little brother?

  19. Vladimir

    Livin too much in ’82

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