1. renotastic

    Ho Lee Fuk!

  2. oooohhh….i like her.

  3. I think his face was done by whoever did Arnold’s makeup in Terminator 1.

  4. Jenna

    Kanye better pay attention. This is the effect of long-term Kardashian exposure. There’s no known cure. Even if you escape later the damage is irreversible.

  5. Somebody better tell Madame Tussaud the thermostat’s on the blink again.

  6. His face has more bondo than Eric Brandstad’s Volvo.

  7. cc

    Dude, too many carrots.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Hypno-Toad has not aged well.

  9. andy

    Is that Marv from Sin City 2?

  10. Dox

    “Say her name again, I dare you.”

  11. BP

    What a Joke! This guy has more makeup on than Joan Rivers! Freak!

  12. He looks like every other father who discovered his teenage daughters Instagram page, and instantly aged 20 years.

  13. Dear Lord… I truly feel sorry for this guy. He was just your average world class athlete/American hero who wanted to settle down with an old fashioned gold-digging whore who would let him indulge in his cross dressing fetish. And somehow, it all fell apart… like his face. I am so sorry! We were all thinking it!

  14. Ladypants

    It’s nice they were able to salvage the Indian after that fire at the cigar store.

  15. EricLR

    I guess if my entire life were just a fame-whore’s giant fucking reality show, I would wear layers of makeup everywhere I went too.

  16. “You should have stayed off of Instagram, Mr. Bond.”

  17. Robb7

    He’s as big a douche as any. He chose to go along with her shit-ass plan of reality TV, plastic surgery, ignoring his sons and whatever else she demanded. He’s 57 an looks like a 77 year old woman! Diapers and a nursing home are in his near future.

  18. The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy…

  19. Champers

    Melanie Griffith and Kathleen Turner threw down the gauntlet, eh? I’ll see them and raise.

  20. This is the face of a man who knows precisely, down to the moment in time and the square foot in location, where it all went wrong.

  21. “I’ve… SEEN things… you people wouldn’t believe.”

  22. It was so funny when Ben Stiller accidentally threw her dog out the window in There’s Something About Mary.

  23. Guess Bruce didn’t win the makeup artist with the divorce…

  24. I don’t care what Peter Jackson says, I don’t like the 48 frames per second format. It’s just creepy.

  25. What did you do to my grandma?!

  26. Nutterbutter

    Either someone has to destroy that videotape, or people have to start facing their TVs toward the wall. Cause these Japanese grudge bit*hes don’t know when to stop….

  27. ITS ALIVE!
    ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I'm Wet Now!

    There is only one word you could use to describe that stud muffin. That word is “Yum”. He’s almost as hot as Karl Lagerfeld!

  29. safety dancer

    He seems to already grown a rat tail. Next week it’s Ed Hardy, tattoos, and Shauna Sands.

  30. “No, seriously, if I don’t make this face my other cheek will fall off.”

  31. “…and here’s my sexy look that get’s the ladies.”

  32. tlmck

    Don’t poke the angry lesbian.

  33. Not a pretty sight, but I can’t help noticing he starts looking sort of like a dude again the minute he distances himself from the soul-sucking whorebeast.

  34. He looks like someone lit his face on fire and put it out with a cheese grater.

  35. Vladimir

    Did the Terminator have a Miami Vice option?

  36. broduhjenner

    leaving the jenner communications office? are we sure it wasn’t the gender communications office he was leaving?

  37. Phoenix

    “View full size”

    Are YOU brave enough??

  38. martina

    Jenner “Communications”?
    So that’s what they’re calling Escort Services these days.

  39. Blob

    The Hoff is looking crustier than ever.

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