1. Deacon Jones

    The girl on the right is a perfect example of a vegan; pale and overweight. But they’re “healthy”

  2. LOL…how did it save her life, could she BE any fatter?

  3. Unless she lives forever, real foods didn’t save fuck-all – they just delayed the inevitable.

  4. a fat vegan is a pretty rare thing. Kind of like a happy feminist.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I just don’t recognize her without the garbage bag suit on… Supa Dupa fly.

  6. gigi

    so glad she’s doing well! Robin’s awesome/ cooked vegan stuff is too gourmet & high in fat. Low fat *RAW* vegan is the way to go.

  7. Vegans remind me how much I love meat.

  8. I love how her dedicated team of health care providers and decades of cancer research fail to get any credit.

  9. Artie Lange

    Bababooey Bitches!

  10. fred

    I try to be positive and learn something from every experience. For example, I learned from this picture that vegans can be fat.

    The More You Know.

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