1. ThisWillHurt

    “Oh my gawd! Don’t take my picture then post it to Instagram! I’m ugly right now! Seriously, don’t!” *makes duck face*

  2. Josephus


    ::reads caption::


  3. cc

    May well get in the groove…that’s what she’ll be doing for the next decade or so.

    I really wish this family would invest all their money with some Madoff-like character who leaves them impoverished.

  4. This enrages me. Not sure why.

    • I’ll tell you why: Her bedroom is bigger than half my house! Oh, wait…that’s what enrages ME.

    • Could it be that you subconsciously noticed that in the first shot she appears to be watching her own sister’s show? And that you therefore rightly fear that all this whoredom whirling around itself will create a maelstrom that will engulf us all? And that you have realized to your sorrow that the vortex already has us in its icy, soulless grip, since, somehow, against all reason, we actually know who this aspiring vamp is?

  5. She’s 17 now. Old enough to get naked in most of the country. And the only attractive one in the family. Get to it, Kendall!

    • Uncle Chester Likes T 'N A

      Actually, she is kind of a but-her-face, but I’m sure Mommy will have her under the surgeons knife no later than her eighteenth birthday.

  6. EricLR

    I wonder if that’s the same bedroom where she’ll film the sex video that will “accidentally” be leaked.

  7. Uncle Chester Likes T 'N A

    She flips off the paparazzi, but will eagerly post undie pics on instagram. That kid is going to be ALL kinds of fucked up when she gets older.

  8. So who took the photos!??! She sure as hell didn’t.
    Publicity whore in training

  9. Robb7

    A family of kunts — all of ‘em!

  10. CK


  11. She’s the future star of this whoring family. I’m sure mama Kris has her sex tape partner already picked out.

  12. She is smoking hot, kill all the others and leave her. She seems to disdain the rest of her family too, well the Kardashian side, which is fine by me.

  13. Def got her mom’s brains. If we can see your phone we know it’s not a selfie, dumb bitch.

  14. I think both of the Jenner girls are heart-breakers in the making. Maybe they’ll both have the sense to run out from under Kris’s thumb during the breakup…

  15. martina

    Just look at those white lines in front of her.

  16. Rubyskye

    And watching kuwtk because they need ratings. Horrible. “Where is the mother?”

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