1. Is the kid squinting at the camera flashes, or the hideous donkey beast face looming over her?

  2. JimBB

    Mommy smells like cigarettes.

  3. That’s no way to treat Peter Dinklage.

  4. Yeah, I would not want to look at her mom’s face either, might turn to stone.

  5. CK

    Aw, the little girl gets her eyes from her mom…..’s mouth.

    How CUTE!

  6. So Heath Ledger’s death was just a hoax to cover the secret eugenics fuckuppery going on behind closed doors?

  7. dick thunder: brain doctor

    is it just me or does this child have a 9 year olds face and hands and apparently the torso and legs of an infant?

  8. Even her daughter knows she is a terrible person.

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