1. Mohawk Disco

    Just eye-fucked the hell out of her (and my monitor is looking at me judgingly again). Give us more of this Photo Boy. Not Selena 2.0

  2. Cock Dr

    You put ‘em out like that we’re gonna look….and look, and look.

  3. every comment I can come up with sounds way to rapey to click “submit” on. So just imagine I said one of them, and it was really funny.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    No idea who Diana Agron is, but I always appreciate side boobs.

  5. Bonky

    Gee, a pretty blonde girl with b-cup, that’s so hard to find in Hollywood…

  6. I just watched The Family the other day, great flick. Prior to that I was unaware of Dianna, now I cant get enough. MOAR

  7. coljack

    Haha – what do you mean, your invitation didn’t say: “Dress (particularly bra and blouse) optional.”?

  8. Dr Plaid

    Either she put on some well placed weight, or she had some well formed silicone put in, either way, she didn’t have those in Glee. Crap, I just admitted I watch Glee. I only do it with my wife, I swear!. Shit! I just admitted I’m married! My boyfriend is gonna be pissed…..

  9. Oh Diana, you had me at “Tee hee hee, has anyone seen my bra?”

  10. Wait, I got a better one (ignore above)

    “Oh, Diana, you had me at “Helloooooooo tittaaaaaays!!!!!”

  11. The bitchy, yet popular, cheerleader who was mean to Claire Bennet on Heroes, is looking pretty good these days.

  12. Ronaldo

    Nice, very nice

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