1. both dudes

    “Eyyy ain’t that cute…too bad a woman shoving something in her mout don’t appeal to us at all, yo”

  2. C’mere, Bar. The Situation is busy, can you take his place?

  3. The salami in that sandwich is the most Italian thing in this pic.

  4. Cock Dr

    I find it strange that she would want to remind us of this photo shoot.

  5. JimBB

    I can actually smell the Axe body spray through my monitor.

  6. Dicaprio just confirmed a solid life decision.

  7. The moment you know your career is over, when you do photoshoots with these clowns.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    I’m not sure whether to go with a snarky comment about the sandwich being more than she’s eaten in the last five years or the phallic nature of the picture or the ambiguous sexuality of the male models. Oh decisions, decisions.

  9. hardly the first time she pulled this fakery on sandwiches & dicks.

  10. coljack

    Remember the Golden Rule: it’s not gay, if it’s in a Subway!

  11. How ‘clever’ and ‘subtle’.

  12. Sighhh…she’s dead to me now

  13. Just outside and to the left of the picture is Pauly’s generously endowed brother, Nick.

  14. keijo

    Just add “Brazzers” -logo and you’re done

  15. You're Fat!

    From Leonardo to these useless turds?

    These idiots make the cast of Geordie Shore look classy.

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