1. Hope she can take a punch…

  2. cmonreally

    She keeps busy on boring carpets by counting all of Terrence’s chins

  3. Right Cross

    Me Love You Long … BOOM!

    Baby, I love you, I was just kidding.
    Baby? Baby? Wake up BITCH!
    (Hits her again, harder….)

  4. As the cameras flashed, she spotted it pulsing, just above his collar. A quick strike, and he would bleed out in five minutes. Could she handle five minutes of pain for a second chance at freedom? Would she know what to do once free? Would the dry cleaners be able to remove the blood stains from her dress? She only had an answer to one of these questions. The rest would be known soon enough.

  5. A joke involving baby wipes and chopsticks. It’s getting unpleasant up in here.

  6. Haywood Jablome

    Mira Christine ‘Packed in a box and sent from Hong Kong express post’

  7. KtothaJ

    Maybe he was just wearing the fancy scarves to cover up his double chin this whole time?

  8. buzz

    You know what she is thinking, “How the fuck do you get fired from Iron Man? Even the leading actor was a huge crackhead and he is going to star in 6 films..”

  9. Former Fan

    It’s amazing this guy gets any work, he has the biggest ego
    on the planet, and he’s burned every bridge he’s ever crossed.
    He’s a decent actor, but he has a nasty reputation.

  10. Mio

    Why do so many women love Black guys?

  11. That’s one beautiful Asian woman.

  12. fred

    She has that “I can’t believe this is the guy I ended up with because when I first met him he was a successful actor and 50 pounds lighter who had no history of violence and now I am stuck with this shitbag loser” look on her face.

    I know it well.

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