1. ThisWillHurt

    How’d you get a picture of Jaden Smith from the future?

  2. not that a normal human sized hat would make you look a lot less like a jackass, but still….

    dude in the background is saying it all.

  3. Arby’s called. They want their hat back.

  4. Pharrell modeling his pozidrive screwdriver costume

  5. He’s wearing that hat about 8 inches too high on his head.

  6. If he’s wearing that hat for a bet, he must have won the $10 by now.

  7. lmaoooo this fucking joker

  8. Smokey the Bear would like his ridiculous fucking hat back.

  9. anonymous

    His hat reminds me of a condom after I’ve filled it.

  10. Dox

    “Honey… I don’t think hat dating night is such a good idea.”

  11. See! White people can say it all with their eyes too!

  12. meeps!

    So BET is remaking Dudley Do-Right…?

  13. Jenn

    Has he got a sandwich and a Pepsi up under that hat?

  14. “Don’t do it, kid. You’ll have to wear that stupid hat for the rest of your career. Take it from me, I know.” – Tom Petty

  15. God I can’t stand this fucktard.

  16. “What makes you think I’m sneaking food into the theater?”

  17. Why do you insist on dressing like an asshole, dude?

  18. fred

    It’s almost like he said, “fuck all y’all. I’m gonna go twice as big today.”

  19. Voice of Reisling

    Dudley Doowrong.

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