1. Waanc

    She has a lovely set of eyes…

  2. She’s cute, and other obvious statements.

  3. She does have a very cute face and sexy eyes.

  4. Props to the lucky guy her took her angelic virginity.

  5. George P. Burdell

    The all seeing eye chastity belt.

  6. Brit

    The all-crushing Dream Catcher yields its evil power

  7. Meanwhile, at the Victoria’s Secret board meeting: “Gentlemen, our first Candice Swanepoel clone has matured and is being field-tested as we speak.”

  8. Very Portmanesque.

  9. crb

    Great. Now all the Illuminati have boners, too. -Stupid bitch.

  10. She’s beautiful.

  11. fred

    The purse (not so subtly) pointing at her tits is a nice touch.

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