1. Dr. Seuss

    duck(face) duck(lips) goose(neck)

  2. Cameron Diaz, this is your future.

  3. Vunderbar

    Barkin Ellen.

  4. MarketingMike

    She used to workout at Wilt’s gym in Los Angeles.
    I used the treadmill right next to the bike she used.
    DAMN she was hot back in 1992. I’m Not kidding!

  5. Penny not-so-Priddy

  6. I didn’t know Ed Begley, Jr. was transitioning.

  7. She made a career out of being a slut, salute

  8. Unbelievably… still would.

  9. *shudder
    Let’s get back to the pregnancy edition. Yikes.

  10. I thought he just died of a heroin overdose…

  11. greenmeanie

    Awwww, I’m going to miss Philip Seymore Hoffman :(

  12. crb

    Desperate enough for a wig eh, Woody Allen?

  13. She looks like Aaron Sorkin.

  14. It’s Andy Warhol.

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