1. I can’t tell where the chins end and the gunts start.

  2. America, indeed.

  3. cmonreally

    More like “Good Morning, ‘Murica”

  4. maoix

    Soft drink manufacturers should be forced to only use those who actually use their products regularly in ads.

  5. Demonspwn

    America should be so proud…

  6. I thought Down Syndrome Awareness month was October.

  7. MarketingMike

    Who’s the midget in the pink top, next to Honey Boo Boo?

  8. June’s February Food Tip: Add some zing to your Mountain Dew, by garnishing it with a Mountain Dew-flavored Cheeto.

  9. Hugh G. Rection

    All of a sudden, I don’t like Mountain Dew.

  10. Everything a man needs for an Applachian Threesome!

  11. Absolutely disgusting, both of their fat asses.

  12. Is that Diet Mountain Dew?

  13. Ronaldo

    The poor girl looks old. Childhood ruined. It is some kind of child abuse.

    • Polk

      Dude, look at her and her mother.

      Her childhood was going to be one form of abuse or another. Consider this a lesser evil of a hillbily upbringing.

  14. FuckLowIQZimmermanandHisRacistFollowers

    Diet? Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!!!

  15. Next stop, Wal*Mart.

  16. why are we still putting these fuckers on pedestals? makes me sad to say i live in america

  17. anonym

    I feel sorry for booboo.
    She’s not going to age well.
    She already looks like the female bam bam bigelow

  18. anonymous

    Thank you for giving me the reason to give up Mountain Dew….forever.

  19. Brit

    in a quiet moment in a silent corner of a TV studio, instead of pondering the world like her daughter, she knuckled down to work on developing what would be her greatest accomplishment yet: a fifth chin.

  20. Aunt Cracker

    Good thing for June we don’t have rotary phones anymore.

  21. “Hang on a minnut, I needs ta get mah product placement ta get paid…ah Muntin Doo! We calls is yummy piss water backs home”

  22. So this is what they mean by “television adds 10 pounds.”

  23. Ab Snopes

    Okay, I’ll play:

    I’m guessing few if any of you have watched the show they’re on (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). If so, you’d know that they’re good people, the entire family. Mama June is banking the money from the show so her kids can go to college. Aside from the child beauty pageants, which some people aren’t in favor of, there’s nothing to actively dislike this family for, and certainly nothing to justify the hatred I’m seeing here. Yeah, they’re fat rednecks. Big Deal. Go for the cheap shots and easy laughs if you like, but compared to most of the celebrities seen on TheSuperficial every day, Mama June and family are freaking saints. Wise up.

    • Aunt Cracker

      Sure they’re rural but they do seem to genuinely care about each other. Honey Boo Boo is actually smarter than most 7 yr olds I’ve seen. Just like everyone else, she cant’t help who or where her family is.

    • “Mama June is banking the money from the show so her kids can go to college”

      That makes her special? it’s what every parent in America does. But you don’t fatten up your kid like a prize hog, destroy her health, and exploit her on TV to do so. Just work hard like ever other parent who sends their kid to college.

      Sorry, your argument doesn’t fly.

  24. Jenn

    The little girl is precious, seems very sweet, the mother too. Bless her enlarged heart..

  25. Jentilly

    Mountain Dew, hillbilly champagne

  26. jack

    Your mom’s fat and that’s why you’re fat

  27. gary coleman's ghost

    “Honey Boo-Boo?” The little one looks like her name ought to be “Patches.”

  28. gary coleman's ghost

    That little one looks like her name ought to be “Patches.”

  29. Boo Boo is not going to age well.

  30. Omen IV: The Honey Boo Boo-ing.

  31. This woman is just disgusting, she should be put down.

  32. That director chair is facing the biggest challenge of its life.

  33. These Zim Man Posts Are Awsome!

    That kid definitely has that white-trash-pasty-pig-could-be-considered-special-needs-in-a-more-affluent-community look down pat.

  34. beaver eater

    is that the set for the movie the hills have eyes 2?

  35. argleblargle

    It’s like Jabba the Hutt gave birth to a hairless Gizmo.

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