1. ThisWillHurt

    “Feeeed meh, Seee-moooor!”
    “Not now, vagina!”

  2. Ms. Bruce Jenner

    I loved when Tebow tackled her in that Super Bowl commercial.

  3. when i think about food, i touch myself.

  4. Oniil


  5. That guy behind her must be huge.

  6. “Excuse me, ma’am? You’re taking up 2 spots.”
    “But I parked my car perfectly!”
    “No, ma’am…YOU’RE taking up 2 spots…”

  7. mmm… the ol’ pinch and roll.

  8. “Gotta pee…gotta pee…gotta pee…gotta pee…Hurry…hurry…hurry…Oh, DAMN!”

  9. Damn, big dick will be the death of me

  10. Lord Helmet

    Don’t let this fool you. She’s the bodyguard protecting the guy behind her.

  11. If you keep picking at it, it’ll never heal.

  12. anonymous

    STDs = that itch you just can’t tame.

  13. Dox

    “The Majestic herd begins it migration towards warmer climes after having driven its former mate insane. Make no mistake though, just because these beasts look dewy eyed and docile, they can stampede at a moments notice.
    Now lets see what happens as the Old Rich man begins his mating dancing…..”

  14. That dude just won’t be able to let it go until he finds out if she sniffs it.

  15. cmonreally

    Some people just aren’t meant to wear Daisy Dukes…

  16. Camel Khloe Kardashian.

  17. I thought this was Fergie. Meh, close enough.

  18. Senor Trout

    Vince McMahon really needs to think about teaming up Khloe with Chyna to form the most dominant tag team in professional wrestling history.

  19. Pig, you are not small, skinny, young or attractive, dress the way you should dress.

  20. I’m guessing it was the guy who she pays to tie her shoe laces day off.

  21. robb7

    UGH! Giant pig-faced cunt!!

  22. RocketInMyPocket

    Her Wookie Wallet has an itch.

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