1. “You roar and I will toss the meat to you, that’s how we play lion tamer.”

  2. anonymous

    Roy still got pull if he has his assistant blowing him right then and there.

  3. Roy’s the one with the permanent bendover. On account of having no innards to hold up his frame. :)

  4. looks about right

  5. I think he must have ate that tiger that tried to eat him.

  6. kafak

    Presented without comment.

  7. Whatever you paid for this photo was not enough.

  8. “Da nex time ve do zis in da haus!”

  9. “Das it. Yes, yes. Now claw me a little.”

  10. “Hey now…not so much teeth. I’ve got a thing about teeth”

  11. Jentilly

    And for my next trick I’m going to make this penis disappear!

  12. You missed a spot!

  13. Foot Face

    “… and this is how i make my little boner dissapear. Open your mouth”

  14. Foot Face

    * disappear

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