1. JC

    I believe the full title of Newt’s book is “Breakout: How to Escape Your Wife and Find a New One, Over and Over Again”

  2. maoix

    Nothing quite like the prominent republican wife 1000-yd stare. My penis gets frostbite just thinking about intercourse with her or Cindy McCain.

    • Fuck you, man! Cindy McCain…mmm, yeah, I’d still do Cindy McCain. Granted, that’s mostly left over from how much I wanted her in 2000, but yeah, I’d still do her.

  3. “Newt Gingrich and his wife (unless and until she gets cancer) Calista…”

  4. “But they told me if I stand right here I could run for president…”

  5. donkeylicks

    Xanax is a hell of a drug.

  6. Lord Helmet

    Politician wives are creepy. They all look like sadistic china dolls.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Someone forgot to change her battery.

  8. “She’s stopped again. No one here has two 6 volt batteries?”

  9. roofiesyum

    Anyone else notice this dude is rockin the gray lego hairdo?

  10. Yeah, I bet he is “just dandy”.

  11. skip to 1:22 in the video to see Conan nail the 1000 yard stare/10,000 mg Prozac look

  12. “I left my first wife the christian way. I had an affair for six years and then dumped her for my new wife while she was getting treated for cancer. We’re good friends now that she’s dead.”

  13. fred

    “Where tha white women at!!? Woop Woop!”

  14. fred

    “Where tha white women at, y’all!? Woop Woop!”

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