1. i thought he died

  2. Now THAT I would call “performing.”

  3. Wow. I see she’s racked a few IOUs there. Not so much cash, but she’ll make it.

  4. So falling of the wagon is considered performance art these days…huh.

  5. I swear she and Mike Tyson are related. Somehow. Wait have they ever been seen together?

  6. Dox

    How far the mighty have fallen.

  7. crb

    “Heheheh, ze skreept geerl! I’l eat her laterr…”

  8. Tell Oprah if she gets off the table now, we will nominate her for an Oscar.

  9. fred

    I was going to post a snarky comment, but I think the multiple looks of horror on everyone’s face in the audience says enough.

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