1. Gosselin moved to the UK?

  2. I can’t think of anything mean or sarcastic to say about this picture, I may have even smiled.

  3. “Ouch! How dare you assault the future King of England! Bring me her head…”

  4. “I got your nose.”
    “I got your taxes.”

  5. Lord Helmet

    Next picture: He looks 20 years younger. The baby like dry husk.

  6. “Yes, yes. Wiggle it. It’s funny. Yes it is. Yes it is. Who’s the pretty baby? Huh? It’s you! Yes it is! A boobooboo. (sigh) Right then. She’ll do. Camilla’s starving and I can’t be shopping all day. Bag her up.”

  7. Brit

    She found out he was an Arsenal fan

  8. ultra

    “Still execution for touching the royal person your highness?”
    “Of course, but wait till I’ve gone.”

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