1. “I remember when mine was that big.”

  2. it had to be said

    Jen just figured out her demographic. Next think you know she’s going to be hanging around the Kardashians and trying to pick up their spares.

  3. Krusty The Klown

    “I’m tired of trying with guys. I wanna put my tongue riiiight there.”

  4. Uncle Rodney

    The “Fangoria” cover pretty much sums up this entire photo.

  5. Johnny P!

    “Hi, Amy? You’ll never guess what I’m doing! I’m Difficult Browning a magazine cover with my finger! Serious! Hah-heee! So, anyway, d’you find some husband material for me, or what…?”

  6. Terry

    Wow! Jen Love looks deflated!

  7. Venom

    “Tee hee hee, my butt is still bigger than this chick’s. Black girl’s have the biggest butts my ass”

  8. “OK, I touched it. Now what?”

  9. squishy

    With lights down real low mine looks just like this one!! Squeeee

  10. TumTum

    I still think she looks mighty fine… ;)

  11. I’m an angry man, and I hate damn near everything – but for some reason I can’t explain, this picture makes me giggle.

  12. Milk, milk, lemonade, this is where the fudge is made.

  13. Show me on this picture where he made you fat.

  14. “Ha! I used to look good enough to be on one of these!”

  15. Linds

    I would laugh at that cover too. It’s ridiculous lol

  16. KC

    What do you mean it’s not Scratch N Sniff?

  17. tlmck

    Did she have face surgery to look like Stacy Keibler?

  18. “Why do men keep trying to put their wieners right there?”

  19. pixigoil

    Fangoria is so fitting! (next to purse)

  20. arnieblackblack


  21. docvoltage

    FANGORIA does NOT belong with SPIDERMAN. And where is GOREZONE?

    Wait, what was this story about again?

  22. dooood

    “i have a dream of a world w little white girls and little black girls playin w each other”

  23. “This is SO photoshopped, asses have way more cottage cheese on them…they do right? all of them?”

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