1. I like to see old guys who just say “fuck you” to skin cancer and do whatever they want.

  2. Worst Photoshop ever

  3. I have no idea how old this guy is… but I’m pretty sure he’s at least 40 years older than me… I’m 28… but I totally would.

  4. Fine Corinthian Leather stretched across a 73 year old skull.

  5. bernard

    Looking younger every day!

  6. Kojak

    Tan mom’s inspiration.

  7. Queef Sister

    Fourty bucks to rent your tanning bed for the night?

  8. Dude is old as fuck and still funny as shit.

  9. It looks like his face was Photoshopped on.

  10. timber

    He really has GIANT EARS, doesn’t he?

  11. Out on the town, going to blow his babysitting money.

  12. cc

    The Lindsay Lohan fund? Sure, he’s $40. (Thinks ‘Fuck, I hate getting put on the spot like that’)

  13. “Suckit Jersey bitches! I was orange BEFORE it was cool…here’s $20 now go get my car”

  14. Lohan's Flappy Meat Curtains

    “George Hamilton, you’re like Tang. You’re dry and orange and nobody has given a fuck about you since 1968.”

  15. Jaime

    Jeez.. is he still alive??? He must be about 110 yrs. old by now. I hope I look that good when I’m that old.

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