1. contusion

    The dude on the left isn’t looking back to check out Tara. He’s just making sure the photographer isn’t getting a shot of his ass.

  2. Frank Burns

    A moment ago, he was carrying that handbag.

  3. Fat, balding, total loser carrying a back pack: “Yuck! What a dog!”

  4. Hank E. Ring

    Two people, neither have a butt, are walking down the street…

  5. Toe Jam

    Instant mental photo, for flogging his monkey later. And I don’t really blame him, this is the best I’ve seen Tara in years.

  6. Janice

    He thinks he just saw Vicky Gunvalson from Real Housewives. And I don’t blame him.

  7. “Not bad” thought Te’o's gay hoaxster.

  8. popwilleatitself

    Looking for love in all the wrong places.

  9. “Please let me carry you in my backpack. Your legs can’t take the weight.”

  10. Cock Dr

    Every one of ya’ll would do the exact same thing.

  11. That toothpick looks strangely familliar… Renee Zellweger? Nah.

  12. I wouldn’t fuck her, but if I was that dude I would.

  13. Poor Tara. Aside from being a cocaine-addled, drunken slut who would fuck anybody for a can of beer, she seems to have a lot going for her…

  14. There’s a great picture for you, a fat loser with a stupid bag looking desperate for human contact, and that guy with the backpack.

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