1. SHARON: Photographers! Pretend you think I’m sexxxy!
    HIPPIE GUY: Sorry, I’m not that good of an actor.

  2. He’s not really selling it.

  3. Cock Dr

    He looks a little embarrassed.
    He should be.

  4. K-Fed got back with Britney!!?

    Like, OMFG!!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s not gay, but he’s really wishing he was right now.

  6. cagster

    The only thing she’s sucking is his youth.

  7. tlmck

    Even the hippy guy won’t touch Leann Rimes.

  8. Mom, let go of my hand. I CAN CROSS THE STREET BY MYSELF.

  9. Jester

    Body, Body, FAAAACE!

  10. That bag contains their daily ration of personal lubricant.

  11. Kojak

    This photo is unfair…
    She was with this Argentinian guy, in south of Brasil, where he lives, paparazzi throw hundreds of photos on internet and and papers and in 99% she was incredible for her age, and nothing like she is in this pictures…

    • It’s called makeup. M A K E U P .

      Can do wonders. It’s why women don’t seem to age as well… they’ve essentially been wearing a mask all their lives. And guess what? Most every woman I’ve spoken to about it says they wear it for other women. They won’t accept that most of us guys don’t really care about their hair or their face; more about overall fitness and, well, not being a bitch…

  12. She was Kim Catrall’s inspiration all along.

  13. At 88 Lauren Bacall can still walk in hooker shoes. Respect.

  14. Klein

    She does look like she’s 88!

  15. tito

    “After all this time, Grayskull is ours!”

  16. Makeup is a godsend.

  17. Looks like Hillary is finally getting payback for Monica.

  18. SomeGirl

    Oh please, she looks pretty good. It seems like there are for sure some bitter, fat, chauvinist shut-ins hiding behind computers-with their dicks in their hands today. Oh wait, I just described 99.9998% of the internet. Maybe Candace Swaenpol’s ass is why women now hold more college degrees than men by a large margin. I always wonder what the men who sit here and moan over every wrinkle and flaw, look like. Guess what? 75% of people get fat, 100% of people get old and 100% of people die. Natalie Portman will have saggy knees, gray hair and a shriveled ass one day. Get over it. Exalt the mighty Photoshop and shut up when it comes to real women and their bodies or their skin, as if you have a clue. Of course women look good in bikinis when looking good in bikinis is the only thing that their life requires of them. Good for you Sharon, make out with the younger men and don’t listen to the haters. Had to get that out there.

  19. amir

    Get the f_ck out of here, she does NOT look good, for any age!

  20. SomeGirl

    It’s an unfortunate picture but she does not look bad at all for late middle age. You guys on here are just bitches with no girlfriends… and I wonder why.

  21. SomeGirl

    Ok, I’ll tell you why… because you’re immature cretins that would make any truly attractive, halfway self-respecting woman feel like she’s babysitting the fucking Foot Clan if she were to go out with you. You don’t tip at restaurants, I’ve dated your type. You guys are ruining the male population with your meaningless dribble and bullshit about who has the superior breasts of the week. Nothing turns me off faster than a dumb fucking guy, and it seems like they’re everywhere nowadays. Your attitudes are so 2003 porn golden age. Please shut up and once your gender starts procuring some graduate degrees, running every household in this country and becomes the backbone of modern civilization, despite being oppressed for the first two thousand years of it-then you can bitch about a fucking frown line or a neck wrinkle. Shit. Need some examples of men that aren’t aging gracefully? Didn’t think so.

  22. “Have a good day at school. ”
    “Aw mom…”

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