1. contusion

    someone just turned up the E-meter a notch.

  2. Is that . . . Botox I smell?

  3. “Hold on—just a second ago, I think was able to move my face a fraction of an inch…”

  4. Madame Taussad’s is really starting to slip.

  5. GJerk

    Something just poked me in the butt!

  6. BB

    MJ nose

  7. Cock Dr

    Nic took off her clothes many times for all of us, and she escaped the clutches of the Xenu loonies.
    She remains one of my favorites even though her best days are very much in the past. Back off on the botox ginger girl…you don’t need it to look fabulous.

  8. Gary Grant

    After seeing her work that ass while riding Jimmy Kimmel I cannot say anything negative about her.

  9. Ladypants

    Damn it, did somebody bring a carb to the red carpet? Come on guys, now we’re never going to get her to go inside.

  10. Matty

    You can actually see the circuitry behind her cold robot eyes…

  11. Toe Jam

    It was only a matter of time before she started to look like Valdamir Harkonen from Dune.

  12. Lisa Rinna is looking better these days.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    SBS = Seriously Botoxed Sluts network

  14. “Don’t just stand there you idiot! Help me…I CAN’T BLINK!”

  15. KifaruRed

    “nnnngh … Brrrainnsss!”

  16. Nicole was gorgeous years ago, then lost a chunk of it when she had ridiculous plastic surgery performed. She was looking a bit old and haggard until now. Suddenly it looks like someone made some corrections/improvements, making her look very much like her old self. Beautiful.

  17. tito

    She’s doing an impersonation of an Oscar.

  18. Chris

    She looks like a Johnny Cab.

  19. She looks like a white Michael Jackson…well, a whiter…I mean a Michael Jackson that was BORN a white woman. that’s what I mean.

  20. JJ

    When are women going to realize that most of the time plastic surgery ends up making you look WORSE? So sad to see truly beautiful people ruining themselves trying to look “younger”.

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