1. “BUWAHAHAHAHA.. Look at Nick washing the windows on that office building!
    I told you he’d do it…”

  2. You might just make it after all,
    Doo doo doo doo doooooooo.

  3. What the hell??? Just… no.

  4. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    You can here the looney tunes playing from here!

  5. MILF

    It must be raining chocolate chips.

  6. “Don’t stand there like an idiot with your mouth open or you’re apt to get a reminder of exactly how many pigeons live in NYC…”

  7. Isn’t there an unspoken rule about this? Something like, Thou shalt not wear only your bra as a shirt if your gut exceeds the girth of your jacket… well, there should be.

  8. Remember when she used to be hot?

    yeah, me either.

  9. As with her cheeks, breasts, and butt, the gut implant is just to make the skin look taut, smooth, and younger-looking.

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