1. two men and bob saget.

  2. “I’m funny.”
    “I’m handsome.”
    “I’m Bob Saget.”

  3. martian leader

    he’s got stevie’s chin implant!!!

  4. I’ll take weak, Greek, and geek for $800 Alex

  5. cmonreally

    With all the hype these guys are getting, I think I’m the only person who ever watched Full House and thought, “Geez, this is fucking stupid.”

  6. Who are these idiots again? Oh yeah, nobodys.

  7. JimBB

    The Three Spooges.

  8. Can’t stand Bob Saget, low class, vulgar creep.

  9. malaka

    fucking mormons….
    just let em get married for fuck’s sake!!!!

  10. “Why am I smiling? I’ll be honest – at first, I was annoyed that I couldn’t escape these bozos. But then it made me realize how much worse things could be for me. My best gig could be riding the coattails of a former colleague’s yogurt commercial. Commercial, not sitcom. For yogurt. That’s cultured milk. Yogurt. I’m a lucky man.”

  11. “Psst, Stamos… I fucked Alanis Morrisette!!”

  12. “Whoa, John-Boy, you holding anymore of that righteous bud?”

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