1. Slappy Magoo

    Good eve-uh-ning. Tonight we present a story of murder most foul…oh wait that’s the stench from my knickers.”

  2. sorry, I left the other document in MY VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “‘Laz caw?’ Wha dah yah mee iz ‘laz cah?’ One mah dring. Juz one.”
    “You were supposed to submit your proposal for financial reform.”
    “May I see yer boobies?”

  4. “I’m watching you, Wazowski.”

  5. martian leader

    ‘guys, she’s not buying it. plan B!!!’

  6. “and…and, “Max Hardcore: Shit’s Away!”….seriously, Mayor? The history tab says this was at 7:30 in the morning.”

  7. Years ago when she was a brunette Frances Nunziata was Mayor of a little city that is now part of the amalgamated Toronto. She is one of those city politicians that you have in your city: got elected initially on her family name and has coasted ever since. In Toronto incumbent city councilors are rarely defeated at the polls. She’s got the gig as long as she wants it. She’s one of Ford’s allies on Toronto council.

  8. JimBB

    So, let me make sure we’re clear on this again. If I sign this resignation, I’ll get crack?

  9. “Oh come on, what does a guy have to do to get a little extra money from you for some crack?”

  10. Did Mike Brady just throw his briefcase?

  11. malaka

    i need a hero! i’m holdin on to a hero till the morning light.
    he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be larger than life.

  12. cc

    He’s about to make a break for it…he knows a process server when he sees one.

  13. Not shown : Track pants around his ankles.

  14. tlmck

    This answers the age old question. “What is the average IQ of Toronto voters?”

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