1. Summer, you wanna play me?

  2. Is she pregnant?

  3. Are her sister and her the real life Arnold and Devito twins?

  4. cmonreally

    I found where Hilary’s pregnancy weight went.

  5. Haylie Duff is slowly transforming into Joy Behar…but for some reason I still would

  6. dr blue

    I have always said that “pilates” is not a workout, this here is just the proof.

    • malaka

      pilates is a highly effective technique for people going through physical therapy to increase strength and flexibility in muscles that have atrophied and rehabilitate from their injuries i assure you.

  7. malaka

    the world would be a perfect place if she had that condition that drew barrymore’s character had in the movie 50 first dates.

    i would ask her to marry me every day.

  8. cc


  9. Vlad

    InHaley Duff

  10. “Food goes in here.”

  11. Haley, go ask your sister if she’d like you to babysit for her so she can go out. Then we can look at her instead of you.

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