1. HELLO

    He’s definitely saying something sarcastic here.

  2. What an actor… What range…
    Who else can bend down like a chicken while maintaining his composure??? Who???

  3. “Could I BE anymore looking at your breasts?”

  4. richie

    “Can you BE any more oblivious as to who I am?”

  5. Miami? His ensemble leads me to believe he is actually poolside at a Bronx housing project.

  6. No bitch, I’m Chandler Bing. I’m the funny one. Don’t you forget it!

  7. It’s a handrailoff!

  8. Joj

    Matt Leblanc always beat this guy

  9. The Brown Streak

    Still searching for that one person who has actually watched Go On.

  10. “What’s that? No, I’m a millionaire. I simply don’t give fucks anymore”.

  11. pinkslime

    “excuse me, have you seen my career?”

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