1. Wilber


  2. Nobody lays a hand on huggy bear…

  3. “I’m sorry sir, but the only high you’ll be experiencing today is altitude.”

  4. B&WMinstrel

    Finally, a way of explaining to the kids why he didn’t leave them an Xbox

  5. MFer

    I thought it was Snoop Lion now.

  6. Eric

    Out: Gangsta Rap
    In: Gramsta Rap

  7. I can’t lie, I would rock that red coat, that shit is fly.

  8. Cock Dr

    God luv that coat ya mon.

  9. Toe Jam

    “Checkmate PETA…the furs already red”.

  10. Growing up as a young poor boy in the projects, even our Santa always seemed to have an edge.

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