1. YAAR

    Who is this person?

  2. Jessica

    They don’t even look like boobs any more. They are legit bags of sand

  3. Yeah, Jodie… we can’t stand to look at you either…

  4. Jentilly

    Not sure what’s worse, the silicon filled duck lips or the silicon filled ass on her chest.

  5. BP

    Are you ready for some Football?

  6. Johnny P!

    You could crop so many areas of this photo in Photoshop and ask people what they were looking at. Most answers would probably include “mutated vegetables”. “organic matter” , “alien hoaxes” or “autopsy pictures”.
    Combine them all, though, and Ta-Daaaa!
    You’d still get the same answers…

  7. I imagine sex with her would be like getting stuck in tar.

  8. Beer Baron

    This picture screams “100% VD”

  9. sadly, she’s asleep…and that’s just how her face looks.

  10. She looks like the Wicked Witch at the exact point when water gets thrown on her.

  11. Jade

    When the skin gets all tight, and they start changing color, you’ve gone too big.

  12. When the larvae finally hatch, the spiders will be high on coke.

  13. If massive tumor porn is your thing, welcome home.

  14. KC

    That just looks painful.

  15. The Brown Streak

    Suddenly I miss Grace Jones.

  16. Someone, somewhere masturbated to this picture. It’s sad, really.

  17. Hector

    Yall are mean. You mean u wouldnt want to slide your cock in between those oiled up titties?!

  18. The fact that this woman is somehow a “personality” is proof we’ve jumped the shark as a society.

  19. I’ll give someone $10 if they stab a needle into one of them to see if they make a popping sound or just slowly leak sadness and desperation.

  20. Chris

    I know where the nipples are supposed to be but I’m at a loss as to their actual location.

  21. Martina

    Settle down everyone, I’ve called the HazMat team.

  22. Carolyn

    If I looked like this I’d kill myself.

  23. katie

    Who is she?

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