1. Very much a badass individual…

  2. Smapdi

    “Hi Ralph!”
    “Its pronounced, ‘Rafe’”
    “Haha, good one Ralph.”
    “So, if I asked you for your signature, it would be an autografe?”
    “Uhm, no . . . ”
    “And the guy on Happy Days was Rafe Mafe?”
    “No . . .”
    “Come on Ralph, give me your autografe, erm autograph.”
    “Its Rafe!!!”
    “Sheesh, can I have your autografe, or a paragrafe about your polygrafe sent by telegrafe?”
    “Damn it, I’m an important movie star [runs away sobbing] . . “

  3. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    An English Patient in New York.

  4. Please give to those suffering from F. Murray Abraham disease.

  5. One bad motherfucker.

  6. Posing outside the Hair Club for Men.

  7. Cmon man…it’s either hair jokes or bad ass motherfucker comments….make up your damn minds! ; )

  8. Lord Voldermort takes a stroll.

  9. I used to have so much respect for him. :/

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