1. I knew it was only a matter of time before they came out with a Serena Williams doll.


  3. it had to be said

    WTF was he doing wearing pink pants before he got angry? What is he Hulkapimp?

  4. Also included is the John Boehner doll. I hear it cries on the spot.


    • dude!

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!. You left wingers crack me up. Only smashing o-zero can do is with his fork–on some potatoes and then only when moochel will allow him to have the starch.

    • I get the feeling we’ll be doing the laughing come November but at least you’ll have four more years to come up with better insults.

  6. VAxB

    Obviously spending all of the time at the gym and not running the country.

  7. bigalkie

    “Yo Starsky, Huggy Bear’s been working out”.

  8. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    “HULK SMASH… crush, demolish, or, disintegrate if you will. Because, you see, the objective is the systematic fracturing and dismantlement of the barriers which have, mind you, opposed us for… so… very…long.” – Barrack Hulkksein Obama

  9. Carl T

    “Hulk Smash Economy” Awesome post. Laughed out loud.

  10. Adam

    Don’t worry, America; I’ll take care of SOPA for you.

  11. The Pope

    If ya smeeeeelllllllllllll what Barack is cookin’!

  12. tlmck

    It is true what roids do to the size of a man’s heads.

  13. cc

    Don’t bother, we have SEAL Team 6.

    • harry ballsaplenty

      …minus those who perished in that Chinook copter shot down a few weeks after “we got Bin Laden”


    srsly governor brewer, dont make barrack angry.
    u wouldnt like him when he’s angry.

  15. dude!

    At least they got the size of the head, and hence brain, correct. Ears . . .meh . . a bit small imo.

  16. Oh, where was this four years ago when I could have written, “Don’t make me angry, Mr. McCain. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Now it just sounds dated and lame. And oh yeah, I wasn’t commenting here four years ago.

  17. At first I thought it was a Terry Crews action figure, but then I said, “Nah, that looks nothing like him. Way too much hair.”

  18. Brooke

    This is amazing. And the anti-Obama posts are some of the lamest I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to trash the president, at least be clever about it. You’ve got a Hulk-afide likeness of him and you come up with “his head is small, like his brains!”??

    • LJ

      None of the Right Wing organizations that send out daily blast emails told their minions how to react to this “sculpture” so you are seeing the real thought process of these folks. Sad,eh?

  19. This is the way Obama pictures himself every time he sends Seal Team 6 on a mission.

    • harry ballsaplenty

      Or when he is signing NDAA which calls for indefinite detention of American citizens WITHOUT DUE PROCESS…which he promised he wouldn’t sign…yet another LIE

  20. That’s not the metrosexual presidental doll I ordered. Gay lover sold separately.

  21. BigDaddy

    They got it all wrong. His head should be way bigger then his body. He’s so much into himself his head is about to float off.

  22. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel


    - Paul Krugman

  23. Let’s see Key & Peele do that!

  24. Jaycee

    Looks as though lies builds muscle.

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